Feb 14 2014

A Look At Reality – Through the Looking Glass

Does humankind have the potential to unravel nature’s profoundest secrets, or does the very nature of being human distort our perceptions of what is real? Is it possible to define the meaning of ‘reality’?

Speakers: Akram Khan, Dany Nobus, William Watkin

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Focusing on physical realities, Akram Khan will share his sense of wonder about the fact that humankind now has within its grasp the means of unveiling nature’s profoundest secrets. Dany Nobus, however, will demonstrate that the hidden truth of all forms of reality is that they must be false because they are inevitably identified through the distorted lens of human experience. William Watkin will argue that reality is not composed of secrets hidden down rabbit holes or false reflections from a distorting lens, but is a magic two-way mirror that has no meaning beyond its ability to make other meanings intelligible, truthful and questionable.

Jan 28 2014

A Look at the Rich

Life is truly a vacation for the affluent members of society. Every day is spent in leisurely activities. Worries that encapsulate the middle and poor class are non-existent in the upper rich classes of society. Therefore, they plan vacations and live for themselves. However, if you are among the one percent, then your lifestyle will be different from ordinary and so will your vacation. Where should you spend your vacations? Let’s read through this article and discover some of the wealthy vacations meant exclusively for the Richie-rich.

According to the American Affluence center, 35% of the wealthy American households are planning to spend money on domestic vacations while 31% intend to splurge on vacations abroad. Either way, it is obvious that the one percent is ready to indulge in heavy spending right from booking private jets to vacationing at private islands. If you had been thinking how the rich plan their travels, then here is some news for you. They do not shop for deals online. Money is no concern for them. Therefore, they book some high profile concierge services that are responsible for planning their vacations. If you know Bill Fischer, then you will know how he benefits from the booming concierge business. Charging his clientele $25,000 per year and $100,000 for the initiation fee, Fischer and others like him adhere to certain rules while preparing joyful junkets for billionaires.

The rich avoid the routes that take them to airport. After all, airports are nothing more than a hassle for those who would rather fly in their own private jet. Therefore, the rich prefer flying through a private jet instead of standing in line for long hours. Moreover, those who do not own private jets or do not wish to use those, they often have people waiting for them at the airports who are meant to expedite the process for them.

The major advantage that follows a private jet is that you do not have to worry about fitting your kids into the coach. It has been noted that ever since 9/11, most families prefer to travel together. This is why travels often consist of multi-generations. Rich families prefer a villa over private islands with butler services attached to be able to derive maximum pleasures and comfort. In fact, Fischer once reported a situation where his client demanded a three bedroom suite instead of two. The hotel had the latter and when Fischer suggested that they should consider knocking out a few walls, he received a call shortly saying that they have three bedroom suites. The rich want whatever they like whenever they like and therefore, they must get it.

For the rich, privacy is of utmost importance. They care about nothing more than their privacy. Rich families often book private islands just so that they could be treated as the king of the hill. Therefore, concierge services have to take care of this while planning travel for their clients.

If you wish to enjoy a wealthy vacation, then contact these services for they will give you whatever you like at the price you offer them. For more check out the book The War State: The Cold War Origins of the Military-Industrial Complex and the Power Elite. You can find out more about the book at the website wallstreetwindow.com.

Jan 20 2014

Through the Looking Glass of Glass-Steagall

Only the FDR Glass-Steagall principle will separate commercial from speculative banking, thus freeing the nation from obligations to Wall St. and the City of London, and re-establishing a credit system for rebuilding the nation.H.R. 1489, Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2011, is before the House of Representatives, which aims to revive the separation between commercial banking and the securities business, in the manner provided in the Banking Act of 1933, the so called ‘Glass-Steagall Act

Jan 11 2014

Government Is Out Of Control

On December 10th, 2013, it was announced that negotiators had come up with a solution that should solve the budget crisis and the argument over government spending. After years of heavy debate and a flurry of strong-willed government officials, Patty Murray and Paul Ryan from the U.S Senate finally came to a compromise that they believe will end the struggles that have plagued the House for what seems like an eternity.

The two led a negotiation that created a bill, which, if passed by Congress, could lead to approval from both sides. No deal is perfect, and there is likely to be a decent amount of time in debate spent, but they believe that it gives both parties what they want. Each party held strong requirements that were essentially polar opposites: Republicans wanted to cut government spending and focus on debt reduction, while Democrats wanted more discretionary spending, believing that it would help stimulate the economy and therefore reduce the deficit. It was also understood that Democrats wanted to raise tax revenues, while Republicans rejected tax rises across the board.

If they can’t reach a decision, it is ikely the government will again shut down in January. However, the mediation of this bill makes it less likely they will have to do so, considering that they actually have a bill to discuss. To shorten what is a very complicated and confusing bill, the new proposal reduces the deficit by lowering the sequester and shifts funds into mandatory discretionary government spending, creating a resolution that could satisfy both sides of the negotiation.

Many experts have already taken to criticizing the proposal, saying that it’s nothing but a tweak when we need a fix. But many are just happy that there is one, simply because it makes the prospect of government shut down in January is now considered unlikely. It’s predicted that most Republicans will vote in favor of the bill, while a select few Democrats will vote against it. However, it’s estimated that in their haste to ensure the embarrassment that took place back in early October won’t happen again, there won’t be enough votes against the bill to keep it from being signed in.

Still, those who scrutinize the proposal aren’t unjustified in doing so. It fails to mention anything on a long term basis, such as Medicare or Medicaid, Social Security or unemployment insurance—a deal which comes with heated debate, and expires at the end of the year. Even the debt ceiling was left out of the proposal. So, while many are happy at this new step in the right direction, many are worried that in just a few short months, we’ll once again be facing the grim reality that nothing has been made permanent in the growing bureaucracy. Go here to read more about the out of control government.

Jan 1 2014

Lyndon Larcouche Talks About Iran Deal and Obama

Lyndon Larouche of larouchepac.com talked about the world situation including the deal with Iran, Obama, and sneaky stuff about the Queen of England.

This is through the looking glass folks.

Dec 22 2013

Alex Jones Says War Crimes Must Stop!

Alex Jones said war crimes must stop on his show. You must watch this clip and take it to heart. To find out more from Alex go here.